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We're Playing For Keeps

We're Playing for Keeps

Playing for Impact

We're Playing for Keeps

Feb 9, 2016 RT @:
Feb 8, 2016 RT @:
Feb 5, 2016 Something for everyone this weekend at and Neighbourhood Games - Join in the fun! https://t.co/BQ87WBRdxC
Feb 5, 2016 . look at you getting crafty for a great cause - love it!
Feb 4, 2016 We asked Torontonians to come out and play - and did they ever! Learn about the impact is having here: https://t.co/jYnF7UhiOn
Feb 1, 2016 Did you know that has trained more than 1,000 Volunteer Ambassadors in community and personal leadership?
Jan 29, 2016 Did you know that 45,000+ Torontonians have come out to play at Neighbourhood Games? Now that's a lot of fun! https://t.co/5At32AFttL
Jan 21, 2016 RT @:
Jan 20, 2016 Rexdale youth leading Rexdale Recreation Corridor proposal though a public consultation. Fits in w city priorities! https://t.co/SsDQdUjGWt
Dec 4, 2015 RT : This week I gave a speech about the kind of city I want us to build, together. Read it here: https://t.co/9cdglwAo6v https://t.co/jq39HHMlx6

We're Playing for Keeps! Are you?

If your neighbourhood has lost touch with play and fun, you've come to the right place to get the ball rolling again. Whether you're into cricket balls, costume balls, ping pong balls, or just having a ball, Playing for Keeps Neighbourhood Games are sure to be right up your alley.

The neighbourhood will never be the same - come out and play!