We're Playing For Keeps

We're Playing for Keeps

Playing for Impact

We're Playing for Keeps

Nov 21, 2015 RT : Happy National !! The event in Toronto is the place to be 🏆 https://t.co/LIVOsSD6Dp
Nov 21, 2015 Thankful for groups like for celebrating sport and physical activity on https://t.co/QN7uESfAKJ
Nov 21, 2015 RT : Volunteers setting up for our event today! Hope to see you at 3pm! https://t.co/d8fVjlHc9B
Nov 21, 2015 . talks about his experience in coaching and the power of "yes"
Nov 21, 2015 RT : It's in Canada! Get out, try a new sport & share your photos with ! https://t.co/TvROlsTcJx https://t.co/TG3UEkwooq
Nov 21, 2015 RT : We teach our kids about reading and math--physical literacy is just as important. https://t.co/XOPuPOTOeq
Nov 21, 2015 Good morning future coaches! Make sure you register and head over to your classroom. https://t.co/ZStRRIeJj7
Nov 20, 2015 The coaching event of the season is tmrow! Make sure you get a good night sleep & we'll see you bright & early at
Nov 19, 2015 How could we not use such an awesome photo! Thanks for being a part the https://t.co/BYOrQYIWEe

We're Playing for Keeps! Are you?

If your neighbourhood has lost touch with play and fun, you've come to the right place to get the ball rolling again. Whether you're into cricket balls, costume balls, ping pong balls, or just having a ball, Playing for Keeps Neighbourhood Games are sure to be right up your alley.

The neighbourhood will never be the same - come out and play!