About Playing for Keeps

We're Playing For Keeps

Playing for Keeps (P4K) builds social capital — trust and a deepened sense of belonging — through volunteerism and play to create healthier, more active, and better connected communities.

At the heart of P4K are Neighbourhood Games, playful and simple community events run by you for 5 to 500 of your neighbours. Everything from soccer to chess is fair game — it just has to be a playful way to bring your community together!

So how do you get involved? It’s easy:

  • Start planning! Pick your activity, invite your community of friends, family, and maybe even strangers to join in the fun, and tell us about it here and we’ll promote it on our website.

Want to take your community leadership to the next level?

  • If you’d like to do more, you can connect with one of our partner organizations (we call them our P4K Champions). By dedicating some of your volunteer time to a P4K Champion organization, you will gain access to P4K’s Community Leadership Training provided by George Brown College.